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Guidelines forResearch Paper and PresentationPaper Topic Se

    Guidelines forResearch Paper and PresentationPaper Topic: Security in CyberspaceCriteria for theResearch Paper·  Use all four steps in theFour-Step Analysis Process for Ethical Analysis and Decision Making.  You may disagree with a particular step inthe analysis process; however, you must substantiate your opinion with crediblereferences.  (Use citations in yourexplanation.)·  State which stakeholder(s)you identify with and how does this affect your view(s).·  State your solution. (Inidentifying the ethical issues in the case, you must state the opinion yousupport as well as other views addressed in the case.) This will be presented in your conclusion (not in step IV).  Paper Format1. Paper must be 10-typed pages, double-spaced, and use 12 point font.(Use A.P.A. or M.L.A. guidelines for typing your paper.) Paper must include:Title page, Reference page and Table of Contents that are not counted towardsthe 10-pages of content.2. Include a Bibliography page, which contains citations/references fromthe following areas:a.  Books (if applicable)b.  Journal articlesc.  Web/internet referencesThe paper must contain aminimum of 10 total references.3. The paper must be submitted in a cohesive and organized fashion.  The paper will be graded by the criteriaof the rubrics (see Course Documents in Blackboard). ANY PAPER WITHOUT REQUIREDFORMAT SECTIONS WILL NOT RECEIVE A GRADE ABOUT 89.  a.  Title page – which includesthe topic covered, name and date.b.  Sub topics covered in thepaper must be typed in bold and centered.c.  Page Numbers – at the bottomcentered or right-hand side of paged.  Any graphs, charts, or othersupportive information can be included and noted in the paper.e.  Bibliography Page, whichincludes the information in number two.f.  Table of Contents mustcontain page numbersAll Papers are due in Blackboard:  START OF CLASS –on due datePAPERS SUBMITTED LATE WILL NOT BE GRADED AND STUDENT WILL RECEIVE AZERO.PresentationFormatEach student must givean oral presentation of his or her case study analysis.Each student will have 10minutes for his or her presentation.Each student will haveto present.  Failure of a student’soral presentation will lead to the reduction of points towards the finalgrade.Students who miss classmates’ presentationswill be deducted a letter grade (see syllabus).Assessmentof Case Study Analysis for Research Paper:The identification ofthe ethical issues involved in the case.The analyses of theethical issue using the four-step approach.Debating your positionon the ethical issues identified in the case.The illustration of thevalue of ethics in making decisions about computer technology.

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