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Guide on Writing SEO ContentThe size of the written article

    Guide on Writing SEO ContentThe size of the written article should be not less than 250 and not more than 450 words.Along with the article you will have a page keyword. The idea is to use the mentioned keyword at least 8-10 timesin the text.The keyword should be mentioned 2-4 times in the first and thelast paragraphs and a couple of times in the middle of the article.At that the text should be readable and understandable.The keyword should also be included in the Title of the article (preferably in the beginning) and the Description.You will be provided with main and secondary keywords, use main key 8-10 times and secondary keyword – 7-8 times.Title of the article should be no more than 60 symbols.It should include a keyword (preferably in the beginning of thesentence) and describe in short the information given in the article.All the letters in the title should be capital.For example, if the article is about essay tips and the keywordis Essay Tips, the Title may be: Online Essay Tips or Useful Essay TipsYou can read more on writing correct titles here: that the Title of the article should describe what the article is about.The same is about Article Description, it should be no more than 150 characters, it should contain the keyword and describe the contents of the article.The article about Blackjack rules may have a following description: Rules for playing blackjack, including player options and rules for black jack 21 dealer decisions.OrBlackjack rules: easy and comprehensive guide on card values, moves and the table layout in blackjack.You can read more on writing descriptions here: kindly ask you to break up text using headers, subheaders, bulleted lists, and other text breaking devices.Highlighting important information by making it bold or italic is also strongly advisable.Remember that the article should be informative and relevant to the stated topic.At the end of each article there should be a summary of the article about 75 words.We kindly ask you not to write more or less of the stated amount of words.All in all, the article you send us should have the following structure:# Title# Description# The Heading# The body of the article (that includes short summary at the end)Thank You for the cooperation!Question:Essay Contests for StudentsKeywords:Essay, Essay Contests

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