Guidance and Discipline Observations

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Students conduct observations in a variety of early childhood settings to identify age-appropriate practices to promote guidance and positive discipline strategies for children.

Course Objectives

  • Describe how the principles of child growth and development serve as a foundation for working effectively in guiding and shaping the behaviors of young children.
  • Identify age-appropriate practices to promote guidance and positive discipline for young children.
  • Directions:

    1) Save and print the Module 1 Analysis PDF.

    2) Create a paper in a Word or text document for your response. Use 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. Follow APA (6th editon) format for the paper and citations.

    3) To identify age-appropriate practices to promote guidance and positive discipline for children:

  • Observe an early childhood setting, and look for examples of young children’s inability to sit still for very long. What problems do you observe when adults forget this aspect of child development?
  • Observe toddlers while watching for expressions of developing emotional autonomy. How do adults in their environment respond? Do you recommend any different responses based on your understanding of this aspect of emotional development?
  • Observe preschoolers, and watch for their desire for real work. Does their environment meet this need? What changes could be made to assist their development of initiative?
  • Use research to support your analysis of the behaviors and tactics used by the teachers.
  • 4) Develop an introduction and conclusion for your paper.

    5) Create a title page and references page in APA (6th edition) format.

    6) Follow the directions to submit your final Word or text document.


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