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Group Case Study GuidelinesInclude Group Member Names and Co

    Group Case Study GuidelinesInclude Group Member Names and Company name at the top of your paper.This assignment must be submitted electronically to Turn-it-in the Assignments folder of the ULEARN course site in order to receive credit. All sections must be copied into a single document because TurnItIn does not accept multiple documents for a single assignment. This requires careful copy/pasting and formatting, but is entirely possible. Your paper will not be accepted if you copy and paste this material directly from the internet sources. Use the case study format below:Section One – Executive Summary – 5 points. Outline the key findings, challenges, and recommendations in summary form (1-2 pages). This should include a strong use of terms learned in class (e.g. “competitive advantage”).Section Two – Introduction/Background – 5 points. Answer the questions: When did they start/history? What is their primary business? (and briefly describe the industry) Who are its main competitors? Be concise and precise. (don’t copy/paste off its website or Wikipedia.)Approximate page length = 1 page.Actually, my case study have 8 sections, but the other sections must be do by myself. I just need you to help me finish this two sections. Our group choose the hotel is Mandarin, and the two of competitors is Hyatt and Intercontinental hotel. Please according to what I choose to help me finish this two parts. Thank you so much!

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