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FRIDGE-DRAFT.docx&nbspIm working on a project called &nbsp Fridg

    FRIDGE-DRAFT.docx I’m working on a project called  ‘ Fridge that gives meal and recipe’I’ve a draft for the project okayI need some who can help to make a VIDEO commercial for the draft/ projectPlease read the ATTACHEDdraft so you will get an idea on how the commerical should be like I’ve provided a sample link , please check the linkHow will you engage your audience and make them want to learn more about your pretend technology? What technique(s) do you plan to use?Describe the storyline of your commercial. What will the audience see?Does your commercial have a main character? If so, then please describe it.Does your commercial have a main event? If so, then please describe it.EXAMPLE : EXAMPLE: AGAIN,  THIS IS ABOUT A VIDEO COMMERCIAL…..YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE AN ANIMATION AND SUBMIT ME THE WORK BY YOUTUBE LINK THIS IS NOT A MS WORD

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