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For your I will be using the &nbspWeb 2.0 tool

    For your I will be using the  Web 2.0 tool to apply and shareknowledge gained during the course by producing a Technology Guide for Distanceand Digital Learning Tools.  The ultimate aim of the guide will be to assistindividuals in the process of selecting appropriate technologies for effectiveinstruction. An example of what we will be making for a final is something like this but only via video this assignment you will develop the first section, Web 2.0 Technologies for Learning(Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts), of your Technology Guide for Distance and DigitalLearning Tools.This section of your guide needs to contain information on at least threespecific Web 2.0 tools. For each of your three tools you will need to:Describe the tool. Explain how it can be used as a tool for effective instruction and provideat least one example of how it can be used to achieve a 21st century learninggoal.Develop strategies for integrating the tool with optimal learning methods inan informal setting, a formal setting, or both.Describe how to get started using it.List 2-3 sources for learning more about the tool.Cite 2-3 references in accordance with Graduate level APA standards so all opinions need to be supportedI warn you this must be 0% plagiarized as I check all workAs soon as your assigned the job I will send you my logon information for animoto.comIF YOU DO AWESOME WORK YOU WILL GET ALL ASSIGNMENTS EVERY WEEK IN THIS CLASS

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