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For this week, analyze GE’s corporate strategy. GE ismovin

    For this week, analyze GE’s corporate strategy. GE ismoving away from some of its financial services emphasis and stronglyinto the healthcare field. Focus on GE’s healthcare strategy. Begin yourpaper with a one or two paragraph background about GE so that anyonepicking up the paper would learn something about who the organizationis and how they are involved in the healthcare field.Level of diversification: A firmlike GE should have a moderate-to-high level of diversification. Whatare GE’s areas of diversification? Evaluate the potential strengths,weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the diversification approach.International operations:Look at GE’s operations in many countries. Who are their competitors?Evaluate the similarities and differences of GE’s strategy compared totheir competitors.Recent events:Look for GE’s engagement in two or more acquisitions or mergers, aboutwhich you can collect information. Discuss the corporate strategy andevaluate how it has benefited GE’s acquisition growth and product line.Alliance or joint venture:Select two or more alliances or joint ventures as a meaningful part ofone or more of its business units’ business-level strategy. Evaluatethe strategy and how well it has worked. Analyze some of the issuesencountered. Assess whether the business-level strategy fits theirdiversification core.Based on your research, write succinct discussions of each of these items.Present your work as a 4–5-page report in a Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style.

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