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For this assignment, you will locate your own articles and resources

    For this assignment, you will locate your own articles and resources. First, find and read a minimum of three articles about your chosen career path. Second, continue by researching issues and controversies related to your chosen career. For example, if you are going into education you might choose to research the conversation on Common Core.

    If you are going into criminal justice, you might examine the Ferguson, MO, Michael Brown shooting and resulting demonstrations. If you are going into health care, you might explore the pros and cons of the Affordable Care Act. You should be able to see a pattern of the issues related to your own field after looking through a few articles from part one of this assignment.

    For the culmination of this week’s work, write a one-half-page summary of three articles related to a controversy in your chosen career field that you will use as resources for your next essay.** My chosen career is’Exercise Science’

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