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For this assignment you should do the following:1. Find a bu

    For this assignment you should do the following:1. Find a business-related story in the news that you think involves a business person making an ethical dilemma. Remember that a dilemma is where there is a conflict between two sets of values. The formula for the dilemma is something along the lines of, ‘Should business person X do Y.’ Do not use government-related questions. You want an agent (business person) deciding between two sets of values. The dilemma does not need to be the explicit focus of the story itself. The story just needs to contain information about a situation where a business person has made or has to make a decision regarding practices at his/her business or place of employment.2. Write an ethical dilemma. 3. At this point, if you want, you can email the story and the dilemma to me so I can give feedback. You will need to do this at least 36 hours prior to the assignment deadline in order to ensure that I have time to give feedback and that you have time to revise before finishing the assignment.4. Resolve the dilemma as though you are the agent and you are a utilitarian. You should explain thorough, in your own words, how a utilitarian makes a decision and how a utilitarian would specifically make this particular decision. This is not an essay, so you can use bullet points or paragraphs, but no required essay format.

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