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For the next step of this program, insert into your next pro

    For the next step of this program, insert into your next program the Chess.h found in the following link: (You can ignore the Chess class in this file because we will be focusing on the ChessPiece class) chess.htmlImplement Chess.cpp to provide implementation for the ChessPiece class.  Then run the following program: (Note the expected output shows up in the comment of this program)******************************************#include


    using namespace std;#include ‘Chess.h’void testOtherPieces(){    // This part is optional, but you could add some code here to test out     // the other ChessPiece class types (Rook, Knight, etc.)    // Write some code to create the other pieces (Rook, Knight, Queen, and King)    // and call the move routine.  Test to make sure they worked by calling the isAt() routine. }int main(){    ChessPiece arr[8] ; // This will use the default constructor    ChessPiece  blackBishop(Bishop, Black,    0, 2);    blackBishop.move(4, 6);    if (blackBishop.isAt(4,6))        cout << blackBishop.getId() << ‘ ‘ << blackBishop.getFullName() << ‘ 4:6’ << endl;    if (!blackBishop.isCaptured())        cout << ‘black Bishop is not captured yet'<

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