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For each of the below situations, determine if the accountin

    For each of the below situations, determine if the accounting treatment of the situation is correct or incorrect.1.Human Solutions Incorporated believes its people are its most significant asset. It estimates and records their value on its balance sheet.[img alt=” src=’’ class=’answerMarker’ id=’amarker_res_EAT_1360571484302_0_510223730858129_1’>CorrectIncorrect2.Sharon Barton, president and owner of Barton Industries, has instructed the accountant to report the company’s land and buildings at its current value of $500,000 instead of its cost of $350,000. ‘Reporting the land and buildings at $500,000 will make it easier to get a loan from the bank next month,’ Sharon states.[img alt=” src=’’ class=’answerMarker’ id=’amarker_res_EAT_1360571484302_0_510223730858129_004’>CorrectIncorrect3.Will Viceira, owner of the Music To You Company, bought an electric guitar for his personal use. He paid for the guitar with company funds and debited the equipment account.[img alt=” src=’’ class=’answerMarker’ id=’amarker_res_EAT_1360571484302_0_510223730858129_007’>CorrectIncorrect4.West Spirit Oil Corp. is a very small oil and gas company that is listed on the Alberta Stock Exchange. The president asked each of the shareholders to approve using ASPE instead of IFRS to reduce expenses for accounting services. He received 100% approval and has advised the company accountant to prepare the 2014 financial statements accordingly.[img alt=” src=’’ class=’answerMarker’ id=’amarker_res_EAT_1360571484302_0_510223730858129_010’>CorrectIncorrect5.Colour Photo Company is potentially on the verge of bankruptcy and the accountant is preparing its financial statements. The accountant advises the owner that it will be necessary to include a note to this effect in the financial statements.[img alt=” src=’’ class=’answerMarker’ id=’amarker_res_EAT_1360571484302_0_510223730858129_013’>CorrectIncorrect

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