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The Brown v. Board of Education lawsuit

    Intro: It has been 62 years since theSupreme Court’s historic Brown v. Board of Education decision. The Brown v. Board of Education lawsuit was in which the Supreme Court deemed that segregation in schools is unconstitutional. In 1954, the Supreme Court understood that race should not pose a handicap on the education you receive. This, however is not the case with today’s education in the United States.

    Even though we have determined segregation to be unconstitutional, there is still problems with children of color. In today’s society, neighborhoods with a prominently black population have lower test scores, higher rates of suspension and more crimes committed within the school. This is a problem when we think about the court case. If it is unconstitutional to segregate schools then why are these neighborhoods doing worse than the white neighborhoods?

    School segregation today is not the same as it was in 1954. Today’s segregation is based off isolated schools. Isolated schools are schools in which the population is more than 75% the same race or socioeconomic class. In an article written by Greg Toppo he writes, ‘Such schools, investigators found, offered disproportionately fewer math, science and college-prep courses and had higher rates of students who were held back in ninth grade, suspended or expelled.

    In the United States, we must learn to better deal with the issue of segregation amongst schools. Segregation amongst schools is a problem because it causes

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