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Financial markets homework helpOriginal 3 pagesapa format -1

    Financial markets homework helpOriginal 3 pagesapa format -10 hrsI am working on a team paper for that i will be needing approx 2 page of work every week for next 4 weeks. Developahypothetical company based on an idea to develop a new product. You maychoose any type of product to build the company around: for example, anew cell phone, a new ice cream label, or a new way to put solar poweron a house roof. The only requirements are that everyone on the teamagrees, there is a tangible physical product to be built and sold, andit is not developed from an existing set of documentation one of theteam members has access to. Use any resource to find ideas including thecompanies in the Virtual Organizations. Determine the foundation ofyour company.Write a 10- to 12-page paper with an accompanying Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentationdiscussing how your company will manage its information. One section ofthe paper will be developed each week and the final will be combinedand turned in on Week 6, along with the presentation.Describe thereasons behind having supply chain management (SCM), customerrelationship management (CRM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP)systems, and discuss the integration of all three.Choose andresearch a company and product. Analyze and determine how you will makedecisions and use SCM, ERP, and CRM, and select appropriate softwarepackages for your company. The paper and presentation are submitted inWeek 6 of the classFor This weekCreate aproposed SCM system for your organization. Identify vendors,manufacturing facilities, wholesalers, and a retailer. Determine whatstrategies you use to manage the supply chain. Consider various softwaresolutions. Present an analysis of your supply chain. Explain thecharacteristics of your supply chain that may lead to its success.Describe how the SCM system will be implemented in your organization.We as a team decided to pickup a lumber company to work on bamboo product sincethe company could grow their own very quickly.  I read on a site thebamboo grows 2 to 3 feet a day until it reaches 45 feet tall and thenproceeds to grow 3 to 5 feet more each year.  Easily sustainable tosupport a large company, and since the bamboo is grown and nothing iscut from nature the product is still environmentally friendly.Section on SCM strategy we will use.Section on Software Solution.I need section 1 and section 2 for this paper (3 full pages with references) in the next 10 hours.

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