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    Final-Paper-Guidelines-PUAD-732-Fall-2014-LNaylor.docFinal-Paper-Rubric-PUAD-732-Web-Naylor-2.docKindly find attachedthe Final Paper Guidelines &The Rubric  for your reference and please follow every single wordPlease watch the JackieRobinson 24 movie “ it is a sport movie” and make the movie review andanalysis. find the attached pic of the moviemv5bmtqwmdu4mdi3mv5bml5.jpgPlease follow more guidelines below. 1. Watchthe Jackie Robinson 24 movie “ it is a sport movie” and make the movie reviewand analysis.2. Please followthe attached guidelines/ direction: 3. Do notplagiarize, the professor is strict and will know. (I also want a plagiarismreport)1)  The reviewshould by 12 pages single space. Write more if needed. This numberof pages is with out the reference page and cover page.2)  The writingshould be very organized and professional. The professor knows that I am anexcellent writer; I can make the information easy to understand and organized.3)  The professorwant to make sure that we understand the concept from the movie and connected with the course, so pleasewatch it carefully and make the review and analysis carefully, demonstrate yourknowledge and experience. Do not bring examples abort your work the professorknow the nature of my work. And follow the final paper guidelines and rubric.Once again, Look at the final paper guidelines, specifically page 2 option 3 review and analyze the movie. What is needed is to explain the story of the film in two pages (summary of the plot) and the remaining 10 pages identify the two leaders and the strategy of the culture change etc. Analyze from the management side ( from the leadership and organizational change side) Please look at the guidelines. This papaer is for the leadership and organizational change course. 4) Please doyour best, I am an excellent student I always get A+ in all my assignment and Ido it by myself, but due to an emergency I want you to do my assignments andfinal papers this week.5) This papper worth 30% I have to get A+

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