Fashionin the 21st century is increasingly shaped by the immediacy, diversity anddemocratisation of today’s media. Digital mediacoverage is now immersive,operating in near-real time, and has allowed the entry of new voices in fashioncommentary, in particular, bloggers and social media ‘influencers’. Choose anelement of the fashion industry that has existed in both the pre-digital andpostdigital age: a fashion brand, a fashion media brand, a fashion productcategory or a fashion industry promotional tool. Critically evaluate the shiftsin production, promotion and consumption of your case study from ‘then’ to’now’, showing how your case study has been affected by technological changes,audience/consumer shifts and changes in media/commentary. Your response shouldaddress democratisation of fashion, gatekeeping values, promotional techniques,identity and consumption. Your essay should use specific realworld examples tosupport your arguments.WORD LIMIT: 4000 wordsMy case study is ELLE MagazineMy research thought and structure of this case study:1. Introduction2. History of the ELLE Magazine 3. The background of the ELLE Magazine4. Shifts in production,promotion and consumption of ELLE Magazine from ‘then’ to ‘now’ (1) Contents of Ellen magazine (culture and fashion ,ads, models,brands)….. (2) Cultural contexts: local representation like Europe countries, United States, Australia.5. Showing how ELLE Magazine has been affected by technological changes, audience/consumer shifts and changes in media/commentary. (1) Expand influence: Asian countries representation like China, Japan, Korea, around social environment. (2) Consumer can read ELLE online in everywhere, using smartphone, Ipad, laptop. (3) Target Audiences: events, ELLE coffee…6. Democratisation of fashion7. Gatekeeping values8. Promotional techniques9. Identity and consumption (Social identity)10. Conclusion.These are my research thoughts and the structure of this case study, if you have good idea you can add. But please remember this is communication not marketing. I have attached an word document about the requirement of this case study. one more thing, please give me web sources of references and information you find.

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