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. Family Issues in the Community You will select a family i

    . Family Issues in the Community You will select a family issue that is of interest to you (e.g., premarital counseling, mental health services, parenting programs, fertility treatment, teenage pregnancy, care for the elderly) and then research how the topic is being addressed in our community. In order to do this, you will need to contact community agencies, local government officials, university programs, and seek information via the Internet to investigate how the community is offering information and/or services to the public regarding the family issue. You MUST research at least TWO separate local community sources, in YOUR community, that address your chosen family issue. Your final paper will include the following: 20 pts. = Introductory information. This information should include a description of the family issue and that sites information presented in your textbook (10 pts.), why the issue is of interest to you (5 pts.), and a detailed description of how you gathered the information that is discussed in the paper (5 pts.).30 pts. = Describe and explain how the family issue is currently being addressed within your community based on your research.20 pts. = Evaluate the community’s current efforts. (i.e., what is your opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing community resources that you have researched and presented in your paper?).20 pts. = Specifically, outline future policy initiatives and community-based efforts that you believe could improve the current state of affairs. I want your own thoughtful ideas here, folks! 5 pts. = Overall grammar, punctuation and paper organization.5 pts. = Also include any printed materials describing the agency and/or the services offered by the agency to the community (e.g., pamphlets, newsletters, handouts obtained from the agencies). Note: Be sure to include some form of materials to document your research efforts!! !! Paper should be a minimum of 8 pages!!!!!! with Sources cited.

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