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exp4.pdfPeriod.handtime.xlsxÂ&nbsp Â&nbsp Â&nbspÂ&nbspPeriod.photogate.xlsxÂ

    exp4.pdfPeriod.handtime.xlsx      Period.photogate.xlsx       Period.theta.xlsx       Velocity.theta.xlsx8.1. What is the point of measuring 125 cycles (25 × 5) in Part A? Would it have been asaccurate to measure one cycle 125 separate times? Why?8.2. Which value of g is more accurate, the one obtained by hand-timing or obtained with thephotogate? Which method is faster to use?8.3. Which quantity, T or L, makes the larger contribution to the fractional uncertainty in g?Does this suggest a way to improve the experiment?8.4. Compare your most precise value of g with 9.804 m/s2. Do you have a significantdiscrepancy?8.5 Which experiment measured g to better fractional uncertainty, the Pendulum, or Free Fall?Give a quantitative comparison.8.6. What was the largest single source of uncertainty (systematic or random) in yourexperimental verification of v02 = 2gh?8.7. For which parts of the experiment did your results accord with your expectations? Whichdid not? Why?

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