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Ethical Vignette Paper Instructions

    Ethical Vignette Paper Instructions You will watch and respond to podcast/video segments related to ethical situations. The purpose of these assignments is to expose you to common ethical dilemmas experienced by counselors, to develop your ethical decision-making skills, and to familiarize you with your particular state board of professional counseling rules and regulations. To complete each assignment, you will need to access 3 sources: Your state board of professional counseling website. For more information on how to access your state board of professional counseling, search for your state board of professional counseling or marriage and family therapy (e.g., “Texas State Board of Professional Counseling”).

    Once you have found the website, you will need to find the prerequisite requirements for licensure. You may have to look around the website to find the information you need. Try looking under terms such as “application for licensure” or “laws, policies, rules.” Additionally, see “How to Find Your State Board of Counseling’s Rules and Regulations” under Additional Materials in Modules/Weeks 4 and 5. The American Counseling Association’s (ACA) Code of Ethics. A video vignette (these are from the websites assigned in the Reading & Study folders of the modules/weeks in which each paper is due)

    Summarize the video presentation. Summarize your state board rules/regulations that apply to the topic(s) discussed in the video. Make sure you provide the web address to your state’s rules and regulations in the reference page. Summarize the ACA Code of Ethics mandates that apply to the topic discussed in the video. Describe your reaction to the video. Describe how you will apply what you have learned from the video and your state board rules/regulations to your future practice as a professional counselor.

    Dual Relationship Boundaries, Standards of Care & Termination Video to watch Understanding Professional Boundaries and Ethics: A Practical Model TheFarleyCenter Once you have watched the video and read both your state board rules/regulations and the ACA Code of Ethics, write a 2–4-page paper that is divided into the following sections: Summary: Response: Action: Your paper must be clearly written and well-thought-out, with proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. You must include a title page, abstract, and reference page.

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