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Essay Question # 2 (50 points total – 25 points for&nbspeach pr

    Essay Question # 2 (50 points total – 25 points for each problem)On the basis of your reading of the long handouts and the the text, discuss at least two problems you see in the world that are related to the growth and spread of international corporations and globalization.·Discuss each problem separately.·Again, USE outside sources for data to use in discussing each problem.·  You will be expected to use at least THREE relevant concepts from Chapter 16 in discussing EACH problem (six DIFFERENT concepts total). Again, BOLD AND CAPITALIZE, and define, each concept when you introduce it the first time in the essay. Also make it clear that you have read, and understand the long handouts.·Use specifics to show that you can apply the concepts in your analysis and discussion of each problem.   7 points of the grade  for each problem in essay #2 will be based on your anthropological approach. Show that you have an understanding of the global context in which international corporations are working, and think about their effects on people/environments in the countries/contexts you are discussing.18 points of the grade on each problem will be based onyour definition and use of concepts in the essay (3 points for each concept).MLA FORMAT INCLUDE WORKS CITED, INTRODUCTION, THESIS STATEMENT, and CONCLUSION.

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