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Entities and AttributesUse the Attach file to get informatio

    Entities and AttributesUse the Attach file to get information. I used for the part area ‘many-to-many,’  I need this by 12/20/2014. My budget is very tight at the moment. I could down payment today and remainder on 12/21/2014.   Database Creation:Resources:The ERD and normalized tables from the Week Two individual assignment, eitherusing SQL Server or Access.1. Builda working sample of Huffman Trucking’s fleet truck maintenance database.2. Usethe CREATE table statement to create a table for each entity for HuffmanTrucking’s fleet truck maintenance database.3. Usethe INSERT statement to populate the tables with realistic sample data,demonstrating each relationship in your entity relationship diagram. Include atleast two entries for each table.4. Usethe SELECT statement to create the following queries: • Create a simple queryfor each table that returns all of the columns and all of the rows for eachtable.5. Writea query that displays each part that has been purchased by Huffman TruckingCompany. For each part, also retrieve its parts catalog information from theparts catalog table and vendor information from the vendor table.6. Writea query that displays all of the rows in the vehicle maintenance table. Foreach vehicle maintenance row, join the corresponding information from themaintenance descriptions table and vehicles table.7. Writea query that displays each row in the maintenance work order table. For eachrow in the maintenance work order table, join the corresponding informationfrom the maintenance description table.8. Writea query that counts the number of maintenance work orders for each vehicle inthe maintenance work order table. Display the vehicle column and thecorresponding count of work orders for each vehicle.UseReporting Services to design and create a report on the parts purchasinghistory for Huffman Trucking Company. The report should display all partspurchasing history including manufacturer and vendor information, parts cataloginformation, and associated parts inventory issues, and all parts inventorypurchases. Format the report to present to senior management at HuffmanTrucking.

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