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Enterprise Operating System Strategies

    Security is an essential element in modern operating system design. An open and unprotected TCP/IP port can present a significant network operating system vulnerability. In the first portion of your post, you will investigate and describe the security status of your operating system. Using an available workstation, execute one of the following commands on your Windows, OS X, or Linux workstation to determine the status of its TCP ports.

    • Windows: netstat -np tcp
    • Linux: netstat -at
    • OS X: netsat -p tcp

    In the second portion of your post, explain what you found based upon what your operating system reports. For the third and final portion of your post, perform an internet search to determine what elements of SANS 20 you could leverage to reduce the TCP/IP vulnerabilities of your workstation. Report your findings to the class.

    After your initial post, respond constructively to two of your peers’ posts. In one of your two response posts, do your best to find a student who selected the same operating system and compare/contrast the findings of their internet search of SANS 20 to your findings. 

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