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English 239 Final Paper Comparing and Contrasting Views of

    English 239 Final Paper: Comparing and Contrasting Views of AdolescenceAll students will write a final paper for English 239 that will be submitted on the day we take the final exam during Week 17. Unlike our earlier writings, the final paper will be 3 ½-4 pages long and will compare and contrast two of the works we read or viewed this semester. The final paper is not an exercise in reflecting on how a work connects with our experiences, but rather, how authors are in dialog with one another. This paper will present students with the opportunity to critically examine how the same theme has been explored by multiple authors, effectively summing up our semester’s readings and discussion.This is a more formal and critical writing than earlier pieces. We will discuss how we will move to a more analytical stance in this essay and how best to organize the paper, reinforcing materials discussed in English 101.Students will need to carefully narrow down the focus of their subjects, choosing to compare and contrast two characters, two situations, two time periods, etc. from two works chosen. Students should not just generally compare and contrast every facet of both works, as that would be nearly impossible in a short essay and be too general to communicate any significant idea.To prepare for the final essay, all students will submit a brief final paper proposal in Week 14. (This will be discussed in more detail later.) We will also peer edit this essay, as we did the first reflective essay, in class. The final draft will be submitted on the day of the final exam.The final papers will be evaluated on the scope of the analysis, the choice of narrow subjects, the structure and organization of the essay, and on the use of Standard English grammar that is appropriate in an academic writing English 239 Final Paper Reminders:1.Title PunctuationMajor Works’ Titles are ITALICIZEDCarrieA Separate PeaceThe Breakfast ClubHunger of MemoryStand By MeThe Joy Luck ClubBrighton Beach MemoirsA Member of the WeddingMinor Works’ titles are placed in “quotation marks”“I Want to Know Why” “I’m a Fool”“No Name Woman” “Concerning Louise Trunnion”***The names of BOTH works to be addressed AND the authors (or directors, if appropriate) MUST appear in the introduction.***ALL citations should have a tag with the speaker or the writer’s name and a present-tense verb AND a parenthetical reference with the page number in the parenthesis for all the print materials (books, plays, and short fiction) or the film title, in italics. There should be MULTIPLE in-text citations from each work in the final paper, as writers must use the text to find specific examples from which to use as support in the body of their papers.Examples:Terrified, Carrie screams, “I’m bleeding to death” because she is scared of all of the blood that accompanies her first menstrual cycle (13). Allison Reynolds whispers, “We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all” (The Breakfast Club).2.FORMAT:1.Times New Roman2.Size or double-spacing4.Remove the extra default spacing After the paragraph5.Four lines of Identifying Information (page 1 only)6.Header with last name and sequential page number of all pages3.DICTION:A.DO NOT USE INFORMAL SECOND-PERSON POINT OF VIEW (POV): No ‘you’ or ‘your.’ It is unacceptable in collegiate-level writing.B.Do not use First-person ‘I’ in this essay. It is unnecessary and will only weaken the rhetoric, as students are no longer just reflecting about their personal experiences in light of a specific work.C.Vary your word choices. Do not use the same word multiple times in the same paragraph. Use a synonym.D.Avoid general language, i.e. thing(s), something(s), anything, a lot, sometimes, very, etc.A General Suggestion:Review your returned reflective essays! Most of you make the same errors in your writing; review the comments made on your own papers and look to improve on areas that I have identified as weak.THERE MUST BE QUOTES IN EVERY BODY PARAGRAPH!!!

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