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Email for writer 59

    Writer 59  please rewrite/rewords. This is an email thanking my management team for being caring before after my surgery. The email also give them an update of time line where I’m after the surgery and what is expected. Thanks


    I would like to sincerely express my appreciation and the gratitude to everyone in this email that have expressed and displays any concerns about my surgery. Some of you have either asked me in the past 2 months about how I either feel about the surgery or either offer to visit, offered taught and prayer. What resonate the most with me is Sarah and Mike has reminded me to feel out the CT sick leave which I almost forgot to do. Keli asking ne several times how my mental health is going in into all of these because they were so many appointments before surgery date. Becky making sure that I at least rest the day before surgery than I decided to take the Thursday off since I’m a workaholic. I was planning to work the last day before surgery. Alyssa Thank you for switching day with me at the last minutes because again of my routine doctor request appointment and thank you for sharing past surgical experience. Devonne for sharing past surgical experience that way I know what to expect. Melissa and Vanessa for Thank you for your verbal support. Diane Thank you for your all your words of encouragement. Antony for saying that you will pray for everything goes well. All of you have displayed an act of community care. If I don’t mention someone its not because you were not a part of the community care rather its too much to mention in the email. Nancy all requested were fulfilled Had a room by a window with an ok view(building view) and my GYN was allowed in the operating room.

    You’re sharing and verbal support had provided me comforts. Last day of working was December 30th, surgery was December 2 nd. It was a 5 hrs. of surgery did not include the 45 minutes stitches. MD was anticipating blood transfusion but Thank God it did not happened, and I did not bleed excessively like anticipated. Got discharged on Sunday the 4th.Now that I’m home the goal of care is for me to get back and able to perform my daily routine. No visitors as per my doctor home restriction until December 15th.Any visitors included not limited to my family must do a COVID swab and a Flu Swab and shows proof of vaccination. I’m still very weak due to ongoing pain, can’t scratch my throat or either cough so If I was to get sick with a cold it will not be good for my recovery since I would not be able to clear my airway. The restriction also included no Luna Scratching or play due to my Asthma. I will be out until the end of January could be a little early base on my recovery. I will be following the guideline of being clear and private email will be sent to supervisor stating my return date. I’m very grateful given the facts it was very complicated surgery. The Care at Hartford Hospital was phenomenal the team of doctors/nurses were great. I want to take the time to tank you all for caring. I’m so appreciative everyone ‘s kind words and checking up on me. It easier to communicate in email then texting individually. Thank you again, I will continue to work in my recovery. I hope you all have a nice healthy holiday season.

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