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    ECONOMICS PAPER.docxTHESE ARE THE REQUIREMENTS AND USING THE IPHONE/APPLE WOULD BE A REALLY GOOD ONE TO USE.  A CURRENT WALL STREET JOURNAL ARTICLE OR BUSINESS ARTICLE MUST BE USED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT!!!  I HAVE PUT TOGETHER STUFF WITH CITINGS ETC SO I JUST NEED AN ARTICLE AND THEN AN INTRODUCTION ON THAT COMPANY.  THEN GO INTO EACH PARAGRAPH AND REFERENCE APPLE/IPHONE AND MAKE SURE WHAT I HAVE IS CORRECT TO THE ARTICLE.GUIDELINESFOR PAPER  THIS MUST BE IN APA FORMAT, RUNNING HEAD, INTRODUCTION IS#1, On #2-6 WITH THEIR OWN HEADINGS, AND #7 is the CONCLUSION.  WORKS CITED PAGETHAT ARE U.S. CITES.  MINIMUM 6 PAGES WRITTEN – THIS DOES NOT INCLUDETHE COVER PAGE OR THE REFERENCE PAGE.  Demand at work in today’s marketplaceLength:6-8 pages, standard margin, 12 pt. Times New Roman Font (no graphs orcharts).PICK A WALL STREET JOURNAL ARTICLE ABOUT A COMPANY FOR THE PAPERIn your paper, discuss thefollowing points in order as follows:List thecompany the article is about and a brief overview of it.  THIS IS THE INTRODUCTION!Describe theshift that is taking place and elaborate why you think it is a supplyshift, demand shift, or both.Discuss whatimpact the shift will have on price in the long and short run.Discuss whatmarket structure the company is operating in (Monopoly, Oligopoly,Perfect Competition, or Monopolistic Competition) explain your reasoningbehind your choice.Are the company’sgoods or services they produce elastic or inelastic.What currentanti-trust issues is the company currently involved in.  Explain what is happeningCONCLUSION

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