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Create an appealing tutorial about how to think critically and avoid biases in decision making. Take a specific issue – like whether or not to fly a plane, a health issue or perceptions of a group of people and present information you have learned on ways to overcome over-generalizions and cognitive biases surrounding that issue. Cite any sources that you use in APA format: including both in-text citations and references. All information needs to be in your own words, and presented in clear English that a non-psychologist would be able to understand.

Length requirement: at least 2 pages, double-spaced if using 12-point font

I encourage you to set this up in an interesting layout, like a brochure, tutorial poster, or newspaper page. You can also create a wiki or webpages (see wikispaces.com or weebly.com for free sources). You are welcome to add diagrams or pictures, but they don’t count towards the length requirement (i.e. use them to clarify text but do not use them instead of text).

Grading criteria:

  • At least three, distinct principles listed (1 point for each – 3 total points)
  • Principles are actually known to be effective solid rationale / empirical evidence exists and is clearly described (3 points each – 9 total points)
  • Appeal of organization and layout (examples: use of columns, boxes; good examples; use of headings, important points highlighted; use of fonts; organization reflects what is important; etc.) (4 points)
  • Clarity and effort (4 points)
  • Independent wording and correct citations (all 20 points)

Objective. Apply the materials we have covered on decision making, biases and heuristics; process how they help with effective thinking; think through examples of how these principles could be applied to everyday life situations.

Grade. The assignment is worth 20% of your course grade.

Resources. Please select the techniques from the textbook or other scientific sources. Make sure you cite all sources you used on the back of your assignment in APA format. Other useful sources may be: the original sources listed in your textbook, other cognitive textbooks – especially texts on specific topics like memory or education. From the presented information, create your own descriptions and examples. – Please do not use online sources; tips abound online but they are not presented with the necessary reasoning and evidence required for your assignment.


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