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Due TONIGHT. Must be started by 1030PM PDT/MST(Because it h

    Due TONIGHT. Must be started by 10:30PM PDT/MST(Because it has a 90 minute clock and is due at 11:59PM PDT/MST.)Lower 300-level biology exam. Covers topics like levels of analysis, genes and behavior, communication, sexual and kin and habitat selection, reproductive skew, mating systems, parental care, social behavior, inclusive fitness, natural selection. Basic information, not too in depth.Around 35 questions, 40 points total. Mostly multiple choice, matching, true/false, fill-in-the-blank (comes with word sheet, spelling counts!). Might have short essay, but very unlikely. Can give access to study materials/notes/etc.Want to know if anyone is able to take. Can do myself if no one is available, but would appreciate the help. Cannot get lower than an 80% (so 32/40), so do not bid if you don’t think you can score that or above.

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