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DUE THURSDAY 2/27SOUPS FOR PAPA JOHN is a new product are no

    DUE THURSDAY 2/27SOUPS FOR PAPA JOHN is a new product are not beingproduced today by this company. This is a BRAND NEW PRODUCT ! (Note from the instructor: It can’t be a variation ofan existing product unless it is considerably different thatthe existing product.) Thisproduct or service will be the basis for Marketing Plan Paper. Write a 300- 350 word paperto include the following: 1·  An overview of the existing organization—>  2·  A DESCRIPTION of the new product : SOUPS FOR PAPA JOHN –> (300 – 350 WORDS)3·  An explanation of the importance of marketing to yourselected organization’s success4·  A SWOTT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, andTrends) analysis on the new product or service5·  The marketing research approach you would use to develop themarketing strategy and tactics for this new product or service 6. Introduction & ConclusionFormat your paper consistent with APA guidelines.——–>  IMPORTANT  <——————*** 100% PLAGIARISM A MUST ******MUST BE COMMITTED TO THE PROJECT ****** TRUST WORTHY & OPEN COMMUNICATION & MEET DEADLINE A MUST ****** MARKETING BACKGROUND ***

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