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Drug Abuse and The BrainSubstance addiction, whether to drug

    Drug Abuse and The BrainSubstance addiction, whether to drugs or alcohol, is considered a disease of the brain. Do some background reading on at least one kind of substance addiction starting with the National Institute of Drug Abuse’s (NIDA) Drug Facts.National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2012, March 18). NIDA for teens, the science behind drug abuse. Retrieved from you agree that substance abuse is a disease? Why or why not?How do various drugs and alcohol affect brain function and chemistry?What are some neurological risks associated with drug and/or alcohol use?How does addiction get hard-wired into the brain?Discuss some treatments and/or cures for drug and alcohol addiction.What are some of these treatments’ drawbacks?How can drug addiction spin off into other health crises?If you had a friend with a substance abuse problem, what advice would you give them?As always, feel free to discuss your own personal experiences as well as outside research you have done on the topic (with references, of course).Textbook Ref:Ireland, K. (2013). Visualizing Human Biology. Hoboken,NJ: Wiley & Sons.

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