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Donot forget, whenever you look up information, you need to

    Donot forget, whenever you look up information, you need to cite your sources! Please copy and paste the full URL of anywebsite you use in researching your answers to the following questions. If youuse your book, please place the page number from your book in parentheses nextto the answer.Please note that the remaining Units are not Master Learning Units.  Therefore, you will not have the opportunityto resubmit the remaining assignments. Please make sure that you put forth your best effort before making yoursubmission as you will only have one chance to submit your remainingassignments.Unit6 assignmentWhat is thedifference between operating software and application software?List 3different brands of operating systemList oneexample of each brand (i.e., Microsoft Windows XP – note, you may not use XP asan example).List the harddisk space, RAM, and processor requirements of each example you listed above.Describethe basic functions of the operating system.In your own words define virtualmemory and describe how it works.Explain the differences between CD, DVD, and BD:What is the storage capacity (range) of each medium. Remember to cite yoursources!In your own words,explain the difference between the laser in a BD Drive and a DVD or CD drive.How does this affect the storage capacity of the disc? Remember to cite yoursources!FinalProject: In the past couple of units you learned about operatingsystem software and hardware. Review the FinalProject and consider the following: Will you usethe same operating system software for all computers in the company? Whatoperating system software will you choose? (Remember to include the edition andlicense)Visit severalsites and select a computer system that is appropriate for the employees inyour company. If different groups have different requirements you may need tochoose more than one system (for instance, if your graphics group will requiredifferent computers than your accountants). Copy and paste the specificationsfor your computer choice. Is the included operating system appropriate foruse on your company network? How do you know?

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