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DOING BUSINESS IN NEW ZEALAND.Description of the country in

    DOING BUSINESS IN NEW ZEALAND.Description of the country in teams ofgeographical location, history, cimate, topography, etcDescription of the prevailing culture of thepeople and their poverty level(e.g. per capital income)  General literacy level of the people and thecountry’s educational  structure andfunding Natural resources of the country. What are thesources of the country’s foreign exchange earningsWhat are the common areas of the economy thatcan attract international business into the country?  E.g. if where to move to the country to dobusiness, what line of business will you choose ?How do you register your business as a foreignerin the country? What are the constraints/hurdles for a foreign- owned businessplanning to operate in the country?   Anyother matter of interest about doing business in the country, e.g. ethics,crime, type of government , work habits, religion, etc*Note, not more than 10 pages APAAnd not more than 10 powerpoint.

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