Discussion/Response #3: Mid Ages & Ren.

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Discussion/Response #3: Mid Ages & Ren.

  1. Choose one of the pieces from this unit’s listening.
  2. Pick one that stands out to you and briefly (1-2 sentences) explain why this particular piece “caught your ear.”
  3. What are the piece’s unique characteristics? BE SPECIFIC and use your textbook as your reference! This should be the main part of your mini-essay. This is not opinion – these are facts that you have researched.
  4. Cite your sources (Links to an external site.) – including your textbook. Points deducted for not citing references. You may use MLA format. (Links to an external site.)
  5. Response should be one-two paragraphs. Use full sentences, no abbreviations, and check your spelling for full credit.


Listing Units:

Gregorian Chant (Links to an external site.)Gregorian Chant

Example of Gregorian Chant, a type of plainsong.

Music for a Knight #16 – Alleluia, o virga mediatrix (Links to an external site.)Music for a Knight #16 - Alleluia, o virga mediatrix

Listening Guide 2, p. 67 in your textbook.

Hildegard von Bingen, composer

Alleluia, O virga mediatrix, the music hear here, is an example of Medieval plainchant.

Composed in the late 12th Century.

Josquin Desprez: Ave Maria (Motet) (Links to an external site.)Josquin Desprez: Ave Maria (motet)

Listening Guide 5, p.80 in your textbook.

Josquin Des Prez, composer

Ave maria, motet from late 15th century.

Palestrina: Pope Marcellus Mass – Gloria (Links to an external site.)Palestrina: Pope Marcellus Mass - Gloria

Listening Guide 6, p. 85 in your textbook.

Palestrina, composer

“Pope Marcellus” Mass: Gloria

Example of a Renaissance Mass. Setting of the Gloria. Published 1567.

Sumer is Icumen in (sung by The Hilliard Ensemble) (Links to an external site.)Sumer is Icumen in

Traditional English medieval round.

John Farmer: Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone (Links to an external site.)Fair Phyllis: John Farmer

Listening Guide 4, p. 75 in your textbook.

Example of a Renaissance madrigal by John Farmer from 1599.


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