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Discussion questions should contain a minimum 150 words init

    Discussion questions should contain a minimum 150 words initial response. You shouldalso reply with minimum 100 word response to TWO other students in your cohort foreach unit. No late discussion will be accepted.Based on the recommended readings and your own experience, post a 150 word minimum response to the following discussion question. Please, make sure your answer reflects your own words and critical thinking.Respond to two classmates with 150 word minimum by Sunday midnight.Answer all parts to the discussion question.A) What is an entrepreneur? If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, provide an example. B) Review Table 6.1 on page 176 called Facts About Small Businesses. Select one or two bullet points and provide some insight in what you learned about these facts. This is two bullets points from page About 5 to 7% of the U.S. population is in the process of starting a business at any given time.Provide the first job for most U>S workers.

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