Each student will author a final research paper focused on a selected topic below. This paper is to
be reflective of an undergraduate-level academic research paper and will be assembled
throughout the course by producing several deliverables:
The following is a description of the overall theme along with six (6) topic areas for each student
to choose from. Topics must be submitted to the course instructor for approval before proceeding
with assignments.
Healthcare organizations, and the management thereof, in the twenty-first century face numerous
obstacles in relation to providing products and services that are cost effective, of superior quality,
and accessible to those that seek them. As a result, healthcare managers (in all functional areas)
draw on a wide range of theories, best practices, and experiences to guide their decisions.
Choose one (1) of the following six (6) topic areas as the main topic of your final paper and
expand on the topic by focusing on the twenty-first century healthcare environment (a current
issue or current/future challenge) based upon knowledge of current literature and industry best
1. Healthcare Marketing
2. Quality Improvement in Healthcare
3. Advances in Healthcare Information Technology
4. Financing Healthcare
5. Physician and/or Nurse Labor Shortages
6. Addressing Health Disparities
The following are the four parts of the project:
 Healthcare Management Research Project: Annotated Bibliography Assignment
 Healthcare Management Research Project: Outline Assignment
 Healthcare Management Research Project: Draft Assignment
 Healthcare Management Research Project: Final Assignment

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