Discussion – Naturopathic Medicine ( initial post due Wednesday 3/29) 

1.Discussion  Naturopathic Medicine    

Differentiate between the view of health and illness as seen through conventional medicine (the MD) and naturopathic medicine (NMD).  What healing techniques do Naturopaths commonly use in their offices? Locate any research articles that support/ do not support these techniques and discuss the research. What struggles has the Naturopathic profession faced since it started in the early 1900’s?

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Again, do not forget to include references in APA format from your textbook reading and lecture notes. Other peer reviewed sources can also be included.

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The conventional medicine (MD) has some big differences between the naturopathic medicine (NMD). MD usually views stress as something that will go away with time. An NMD will try to get to the bottom of why the stress is there, and have the patient change some of their lifestyle aspects to decrease the stress (What is naturopathy? – ntpagestv 2010). MD will usually view things from more of a modern medical standpoint, and include some sort of treatment involving medicine in the pharmaceutical form. NMD focuses more on balance and diet. NMD is the least invasive form of treatment, is more cost effective, and is more tailored to each patient (Sandford, 2022). Common healing techniques for Naturopathic offices usually entail message, dieting, getting sunlight, being outside, and more (What is naturopathy? – ntpagestv 2010). 

Struggles that the Naturopathic profession has faced since it began in the early 1900’s include the increased focus on technology and pharmaceuticals. The development of drugs such as anti-inflammatories bring quick and effective relief to patients, which became favored over naturopathic ways (History of naturopathic medicine, n.d.). With the increased popularity of drugs and technology there became a decrease in self responsibility. The alleviation of disease and illness became most important, rather than the underlying cause of disease (History of naturopathic medicine, n.d.). 


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