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Discussion 7 Assignment: Were you surprised to see that the

    Discussion 7 Assignment: Were you surprised to see that the article you read this week involved 20 different leaders in research speaking about the same topic—contributing 20 different, yet substantive, answers to the question “What are mixed methods?” Reading over the various definitions reveals one of the hallmarks of the mixed methods approach: It is a deeply flexible and creative approach to research design. As you proceed on your professional path and continue to read research about early childhood, look especially for studies with a mixed methods approach as their results usually present a rich and complex understanding of the study topic. For the discussion this week you are invited to share what you perceive as the value of the mixed methods approach for early childhood. In preparation for this discussion assignment,Evaluate and determine whether using a mixed method approach might or might not benefit your research simulationState the main reason you perceive for using/not using mixed methodsArticulate one question you would like to pose to your colleagues related to the use of mixed methodsNote: As it has been several weeks since you first shared your research simulation topic with your colleagues, include your research question at the beginning of your response.Please refer to Article: Table 1, pp. 119–121 ( FILE ATTACHED) Johnson, R. B., Onwuegbuzie, A.J., & Turner, L. A. (2007). Toward a definition of mixed methods research. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 1(2), 112–133

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