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Discussion 5.1 Forms – Do They Really Save Time and Lives?S

    Discussion 5.1: Forms – Do They Really Save Time and Lives?SubscribeHide DescriptionReview the Real-Life Story “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Forms” on page 186 in Gartee’s Electronic Health Records. Do you think using pre-established electronic forms decreases the timeit takes to document the patients encounter?  Explain your reasons whyor why not.Now, review Figure 5-33 and answer the following:Describe how Dr. Lukowski’s form might be modified and used in another specialty outside of ObGYN practices.Describe the specialty and the types of things documented on each encounter.If you designed a form just for that office, what things would needto be listed to increase the speed of documenting the complaints andconditions?Which systems would be reviewed in the Review of Systems (ROS), Medical History and Physical Examination during the encounter?Which medications would you list in order to prevent incorrect medications from being prescribed?

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