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Directions After watching the Water Park episode of Malco

    Directions: After watching the ‘Water Park’ episode of Malcolm in the Middle, write a 700 wordessay that answers the following questions. Must be at least 700 words. Must be in your own words. No internet research or outside information. If you can’t follow these guideline Please do not bid!1. Integrity is an extremely interesting concept. When we use it to refer to a building ora bridge, we are referring to structural issues: the building or bridge’s ability towithstand not only normal uses but also extreme circumstances: storms,earthquakes, and floods, for example. When we use this term to describe people, wecan mean their ability to maintain their moral standards even in the face oftemptation. What is your definition of integrity?2. Using your definition of integrity, analyze the following parts of the episode:a) Hal and Lois’s decision to procure a babysitter–any babysitter–for Dewey so thatthey can have fun at the park.b) Hal’s decision to smuggle a pint of rum into the park.c) Hal and Lois’s decision to ignore their two sons and concentrate on each other.d) The behavior of the attendant at the top (entry point) of the monster water ride.e) The decision by Francis and Spangler to deliberately lose each game of pool thatthey play against each other.f) The fact that after the elderly babysitter is taken away via ambulance, both theemergency medical technicians and the neighbors fail to realize that Dewey hasbeen left home alone.

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