Direct Mail Appeal Assignment

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Using the donor audience you identified in the ‘Defining Donor Audiences’ discussion, draft a strategy and example direct appeal letter to raise funds for your selected nonprofit(The Art of Elysium).

In a word document, this assignment should include both parts.

  • Part I: Create a one-page direct mail letter that you would send to the identified donor audience to solicit contributions for your nonprofit. There is no required format for this portion of the assignment; rather use what you have learned about quality direct appeals to decide how you will put your appeal together. At minimum, your assignment should include some item that solicits the funds, along with a ‘call to action.’
  • Part II: Write a brief (no more than half a page) explanation of how you would distribute your appeal. When would you send it? How would you send it? Are there other tools that you would use to support the letter and its distribution?

Keep in Mind: this assignment should be original content created by you. While I understand there are many donor appeal examples online, please do not submit anything that is not your own original ideas and work. You may use existing appeal examples for inspiration, but do not provide a carbon-copy of another letter. Be creative and use the research you’ve gathered on your selected nonprofit to guide your work.

The non-profit art organization I selected is The Art of Elysium.

You must read the class power point, there are many examples, and tips for writing a mail.


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