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developan action plan that includes the continuous pursuit o

    developan action plan that includes the continuous pursuit of education, training,and research to keep current on practice and trends for personal andprofessional developmentYou will write a plan for completion of a degree(including course plan and co-op assignments) and a career path followinggraduation. The plan should be a 4 page document.  An action planis a document that outlines steps to reach specific goals. Clearly describesgoals you hope to achieve in order to reach degree completion. Your action planwill also plot the career path you wish to initiate and follow over the nextfive years (post-graduation).For the assignment, you need to write a paper (essay). The paper should identify at least 3-5 goals you wish to accomplishbetween now (the time you to earn your degree) and the next five years. As you are writing the paper, really think about what you want to do, andhow you want to get to your goals.  For example, suppose one goal you haveis to start medical school by fall 2016.  What would you need to do now,to make that happen?  What courses would you take at UMUC, when would youtake the MCAT? How would you study for the MCAT (review class, self-study,etc)? What types of schools would be best for you to attend? I know this is a personalessay, mainly about me. But I have so many writings and exams coming up. I haveadded some of my personal details. Could you organize it and write about thisfor me please? Just do a little search about PCAT, and pharmacy school. Thinklike you are me (haha). Thank you so much.This is a website that will give a little idea.’m a Biotechnology major/ Biology minor student. Iwant to be a pharmacist. I’m half way done to my Bachelor’s degree. I’m amilitary dependent. I want to travel and study at the same time. My goals- To get my bachelor’s degree within next two years+ take more biotechnology classes and biology classesfor my major and minor- Prepare for PCAT (pharmacy entrance test)-Could you please explain what PCAT is consisted of.- Apply for Pharmacy school by Fall 2016-2017-Could you please explain how to get to pharmacyschool, and what to prepare.-I’m planning to go to Campbell Pharmacy school inNorth Carolina. Could you explain why this school is good?- I want to travel the world with my family and study atthe same time-So far, I went to Turkey, Germany, Italy, and nowKorea. I want to go to Spain, Portugal, Japan, China, or anywhere I couldpossibly go.- Volunteer at local hospital pharmacy to gain manyexperiences as possible-I have been volunteering at the base hospitalpharmacy in Turkey. I want to do more. I’m doing my best to reach my goal.Action Plan RubricPoor1PointFair2PointsGood4PointsExcellent5PointsClearly state your main academicand career goalsDescribe goals that are realistic,measurable and attainablePropose a specific timetable forcompleting goalsIdentify resources needed tocomplete the goalsIdentify potential barriers toachieving the goals and describe actions to overcome these barriers

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