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Develop a business case to secure support from senior management

    This is an assignment that discusses on how to develop a business case to secure support from senior management. The paper also requires use of learnt skills on real-life projects.,Develop a business case to secure support from senior management,Introduction, In addition to the class-based practical exercises, the course project is designed to help the students apply the learnt skills on individually selected real-life projects. These project-based exercises are planned and integrated sequentially as the course progresses thus they are expected to be applied to the selected projects to achieve its expectations and deliverables. The student himself/herself together with the identified project stakeholders will constitute the required project resources. The instructor will discuss, explain, and also run each of the required assignments in class using a running case throughout the course. Some templates will be provided to use in specific requirement, but the students often are encouraged to develop or search for an alternative template.,Pre-Requisite: Knowledge gained and practiced in the OPM310, specifically in developing the project charter, identifying project stakeholders, and documenting project scope, schedule, and cost.,Submission format,The submission of the project will be a SINGLE pdf file through Moodle. The exact date and also time as published on Moodle by the instructor., Required Assignments, 1. Firstly, select a project and develop its project charter, 2. Secondly, develop a business case to secure support from senior management, 3. Thirdly, assess the alignment of the project using system approach, 4. Fourthly, develop project’s Goals, Objective, Strategies, CSF, and KPI (at least one for each),5. Additionally, assess and select appropriate project organizational structure, 6. Also, use weighted selection model to select a suitable project manager, 7. Use pairwise selection approach to select between suppliers, 8. Apply the NPV concept to evaluate the feasibility of the project, 9. Use Cause-and-effect tool to identify root causes of quality related issue, 10. Apply EVM to evaluate project progress after two weeks of progress. Must include, all ten assessment, EMV parameters , 11. Report progress (using status and also progress reports), 12. Demonstrate the use of contracting model (FP, CR, or T&M) with an external, supplier, 13. Develop lesson learned document, 14. Lastly, develop project closure document,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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