Determine the values that are essential to this change. Why are these values essential

C. Form a Strategic Vision Determine the values that are essential to this change. Why are these values essential? Establish the vision for this organizational change effort. How will this vision be effective in promoting your change effort? Identify your intended targeted outcomes. Defend your choices. What must occur for the organizational change effort to be considered a success? Defend your response. D. Communicate the Change What is required for the change to be communicated effectively within the organization? Why? Determine actions you will take to encourage two-way communication for effective feedback loops during implementation of the change effort. Explain why these actions will be effective. How will you support the direct supervisors in the organization in their efforts to communicate with employees about the change effort? Describe how you will address any concerns or anxieties regarding this change. Who needs to be involved and in what capacity for this change effort to be a success?


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