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Designan educational program that addresses ParentEducation

    Designan educational program that addresses ParentEducation and Guidance An understanding of how parents teach, guide and influencechildren and adolescents as well as the changing nature, dynamics and needs ofthe parent/child relationship across the lifespan. e.g., Parenting Rights and Responsibilities; ParentingPractices/Processes; Parent/Child Relationships; Variation in ParentingSolutions; Changing Parenting Roles across the LifespanProvide a description of program, includingthese topics:WhatFLE content area are you addressing?Ofall the needs that families and individual have, why did you choose thistopic?Whydo you feel there is a need for this kind of program?Canyou point to any similar existing programs?  How will yours bedifferent or better?Goalsof the Program:  what do you hope participants gain by participating?Targetaudience:  families, kids, teachers, siblings?Whydo you think this is the right audience?Format:face-to-face meetings (one or more?), online, phone, booklet, blog,newsletter, video?Whydo you think this is the right format?Whattopics will you cover?  Why?Whatkinds of people can you enlist to help you make this program stronger?Whatkind of funding will you need?  Who might provide that funding?Whatdo you think the strengths of your program will be?  What will theweaknesses be?Afterthe program is over, how will you assess if it met its goals?Be sure your paper is at least 1200words, uses at least 3 academic (not internet) references, is formatted in APAstylePossible gradeStudent gradeThe paper addresses the issuesspecified by the assignment20The author shows insight andsophistication in thinking and writing30Two academic citations were used20Paper was well organized and easyto follow. Paper was the required length. Cover page, paper body, citationsand Reference list were in the American Psychological Association format.20Few to no spelling, grammar,punctuation or other writing structure errors10TOTAL100

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