Deceptive Advertising

 Let me remind you that the discussion paper must be at least two-pages in length (double-spaced, 12-inch Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins). I do expect your paper to be at least this length. Do not write less than this amount or use bigger margins or fonts. You are certainly welcome to write more than two pages.

I also want to emphasize that this is NOT a research paper. You should not use outside resources or attempt to do research to write this paper. Simply read the assigned readings, reflect on the questions below, and write a paper that responds to those questions.

For this assignment, please read textbook p. 313-321 and “Deceptive Advertising” by McCall (textbook p. 325-329). This reading provides a framework for thinking about the issue of deception in advertising.
Next, read “Decision Scenario D: New, Improved…and Smaller” (textbook p. 358).

In your discussion paper, address the following questions:
1) Do you believe that when companies “downsize” products, they are deceiving customers? Why or why not? (Discuss some examples mentioned in the decision scenario)
2) In our discussion of sales ethics, Holley argued that we must permit some ability for the sales person to act as an advocate for the product. Even if you believe that “downsizing” is deceptive for customers, can it be justified for the reasons Holley offers? Or is “downsizing” an unethically deceptive practice? Why?
3) What role does the consumer have to protect himself/herself in the marketplace? Does your view on this question influence your view as to whether “downsizing” is unethical or not?  


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