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DDBA_8006_MD03_PDP_Template.doc.docxDevelop a plan forreachi

    DDBA_8006_MD03_PDP_Template.doc.docxDevelop a plan forreaching three professional goals you want to achieve during your DBA program ofstudy by completing the PDP Template located in this module’s LearningResources. Your plan should be 5 to 7 pages total. You may use, but are notlimited to, the goals you identified in Module 1. For each of the three goals you select, include a 2- to 3-paragraph goalnarrative, a list of resources to help achieve your goal, and a timeline forcompletion.Your narrative should include: A statement of your goal Your motivation for wanting to achieve the goal and an explanation of how itrelates to your personal values A brief description of the steps you intend to take to accomplish yourgoalAn explanation of how these steps reflect consideration of personalstrengths and weaknesses relevant to the goalYour references section should include three resources witha description of how each resource is relevant to your goal. Your resources mustinclude: One reading (book, periodical, journal, etc.)One social media site that will contribute to the formation of your ownpersonal learning networkAnother resource of your choiceYour timeline should identify a minimum of three steps asmilestones for accomplishing each goal, and it should assign an estimated timeframe for completionPlease use template format attached………..

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