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Current Events Assignment Each week, a selection of students

    Current Events Assignment Each week, a selection of students will research and do a short write up on a current event related to their area of interest in STHM “ School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management” . These current events must be culled from reputable news sources and cited correctly. Like all other assignments in class, students will submit their write up as well as a link to the current event article via Blackboard. These assignments will be due Wednesday morning of each week before the beginning of class. On the following Friday, I will take volunteers or select three individuals to give a 5-6 minute presentation on their article to the entire class. Each week, this assignment will be worth 10 pts. To earn the full points for the assignment, a student must: Provide the exact title of the article and link to article (1 pt.)Cite the article correctly using APA format (1 pts)Provide a brief summary of the article in 3-4 sentences (4 pts)Provide a reaction to the article where you take a position on the issue within the article, indicate how this could potentially impact you personally, as well as your area of interest within STHM. This section should be 2 paragraphs (4 pts)The write up should be no longer then two-thirds a page single spaced.

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