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Critique a behavior program used to maintain behavior change

    Critique a behavior program used to maintain behavior changesFor this Assignment, select a scholarly peer reviewed research article where behavior analytic methods were used to maintain a behavior change over time.For this paper, provide the following details:A brief description of the training and generalization environmentsA clear description of the target behavior(s)The subject(s) used and any important ethical, social, or cultural considerationsThe method(s) of behavior change that were used described in behavior analytic termsHow the researchers planned for the maintenance of the behavior change over time when designing their planWhether or not the intervention was effective in maintaining the behavior changeWeaknesses in the plan with maintenance of behavior changes as your focusAt least three suggestions for improvements using behavior analytic terms, based on your readings and discussions this weekProper references to the text and other scholarly sources of information as needed, with a minimum of at least three sources provided.APA style throughout, including a title page, in-text citations, and a full reference page.Minimum page length of 3-5 pages.

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