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Critical Thinking: Facility Network Security: Assessment and

    Critical Thinking: Facility Network Security: Assessment and Recommendations (130 points)You are the chief information technology officer at a small outpatient health care facility in Riyadh. The medical facility employs five specialist physicians, ten certified nurses, five administrative assistants, and two technicians. There are 25 clinical rooms. Each room is equipped with a computer. In addition, five computers are used by the administrative assistants for patients’ appointments and records. All of these computers are connected using a local area network. Physicians are supplied with portable devices that they can use to write e-prescriptions. These devices are connected wirelessly to the rest of the network.As the chief information technology officer, you are charged with the task of evaluating the security status of the facility network and developing a report to recommend the directions that should be followed in the near future.Your report should include the following materials:Existing and potential vulnerabilities and threatsSuggestions and discussions of methods or tools that can be used to overcome the existing and potential security threatsDiscussion of encryption techniques that can be used for the wireless network and the selection and justification of a proper technique for this facilityDiscussion of the prevention of cyber-attacks and the proper maintenance needed to achieve this goal.Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:Be six to eight pages in lengthContain illustrative diagrams for the considered systemsInclude at least five credible external references in addition to the textbook.Include a proper intriduction and conclusion.Formatted according to Saudi Electronic University and APA writing guidelines.

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