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Createthe presentation described in the attached OYO 21-2 wh

    Createthe presentation described in the attached OYO 21-2 which is attached. This is not in your textbook but is part of the ClassMate for yourtextbook.  So the material that covers how to do the tasks in theassignment are covered in Chapter 21.Thereis one error in the instructions.  #2 says you do not have to manuallyadvance the slides of the presentation (by clicking).  You do have tomanually advanced the first 3 slides.  From slide 3 on, it does runautomatically.Youare actually watching the Five Rules PowerPoint and then creating apresentation starting with #4.  Open the 5 Rules presentation byclicking File then New then Sample Templates. You should find Five Rules.  If you can’t find it unfortunately it istoo big to attach to an email account.  I did find it online where youcan download it. do not needto name your file, add a title page, or add comments as required by theregular Blackboard assignments.  Just submit your file to the linkabove (the title of the assignment).Thisextra credit is worth 20 points.  I do not accept late extra credit. What yours should look like is included in the video below.Attached Files: OYO 21-2.pdf (434.868 KB)

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