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Create two histograms and provide interpretations.

    Histograms and Descriptive Statistics

    Your first IBM SPPS assignment includes two sections in which you will:

    • Create two histograms and provide interpretations.
    • Calculate measures of central tendency and dispersion and provide interpretations.
    Key Details and Instructions
    • Submit your assignment as a Word document.
    • Begin your assignment by creating a properly formatted APA title page. Include a reference list at the end of the document if necessary. On page 2, begin Section 1.
    • Write your report in narrative format, integrating your SPSS output charts and tables with your responses to the specific requirements listed for this assignment. (See the Copy/Export Output Instructions in the Resources area.)
    • Label all tables and graphs in a manner consistent with APA style and formatting guidelines. Citations, if needed, should be included in the text as well as in a reference section at the end of the report.
    • Refer to the IBM SPSS Step-By-Step Guide: Histograms and Descriptive Statistics (in the Resources area) for additional help in completing this assignment.

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