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Create a PPT on The Clorox company feelfree to use Glassdoor

    Create a PPT on The Clorox company feelfree to use Glassdoor, linkedIn or the Company website as a reference: MS PowerPoint Presentation Report onOrganization (20%) In thisassignment, you will design and share a MS PowerPoint presentation thatdescribes an organization, its current and future challenges, its capabilities,and the requisite competencies needed for its success. You will look for andreport on examples of the existing total rewards programs to include monetary,non-monetary, and the work environment (including values and culture). The MSPowerPoint presentation will include a report on existing metrics(organizational or HR) if any are present. If citations or Web site materialsare used, in-text citations and sources presented on a References page usingAmerican Psychological Association (APA) format are expected. This informationcan be used in the final paper (the final assessment which is a plan to changethe organization’s total rewards programs). It is expected that at least threereferences will be used with at least one of the three being of ascholarly nature.Pleasedo not use Google, Disney, or Hershey for this assignment.At theleast, this MS PowerPoint Presentation will include:1.Academic Title Slide2.Introduction and Purpose for the Paper3.Description of the Organization4.Capabilities of the Organization and Requisite Competencies of theEmployees5.Current and Future Challenges6.Academic Definition of Total Rewards Programs7.Description of Existing Total Rewards Program (Monetary,Non-Monetary and Work Environment)8.Existing Metrics that Evaluate the Success of the Total Rewards Program9.Conclusions10.References Page (With a minimum of three References; one scholarly)

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